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To check in quickly upon your surgery date, please bring us all of your registration forms before the day of your surgery. If you are unable to drop them off prior to surgery, please have them filled completely out and bring them in on the morning of your surgery. 

A nurse will call you to go over special instructions the day before your surgery. If you have not received a call from us by 1:00 pm on the day before your surgery, please call us. 

Please follow each of these guidelines before your surgery in order to prevent unnecessary delays or cancellations:

Food and Drink

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your surgery - not even water. You may brush your teeth if you don't swallow anything. If you are instructed by the nurse to take medications on the day of surgery, you may do so with a small sip of water. 


Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for at least 12 hours before you arrive at the surgery center. 


Please come wearing loose, comfortable clothing. 


Leave all valuables at home or with the adult staying for your surgery. 

Notify Parkway Surgery Center & Your Surgeon If:

  • Your temperature is raised, you have a cough or cold, or you have been vomiting or had diarrhea between your last visit with your surgeon and the day of your surgery. 
  • You suspect you might be pregnant. 
  • You are taking any of the following: ibuprofen or any blood thinners such as aspirin, Plavix, Eliquis, coumadin, or Xarelto. You might need to stop taking these 1-2 weeks before your surgery date. This should be discussed with your physician or surgeon prior to scheduling the surgery. A nurse from Parkway will review this information with you on your surgery call. 

Please Bring The Day Of Surgery:

  • Insurance cards, photo ID, Medicare or Medical Assistance information, numbers and addresses. 
  • Driver and escort. You must have a responsible adult (18 years or older) drive you home after your surgery and remain with you for the rest of the day. 
  • Legal Guardian. Children and dependent adults must have a legal guardian at the Center at all times.